Whether it is Passover or a pandemic, create your perfect sleep sanctuary to help you sleep peacefully, every night.

Vencasa, The World Leaders in Sleep, source the highest quality products from the best in the world; Austria, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Italy, South Africa and Spain. All 12 showrooms across the country offer sleep solutions for your every need, price point and comfort preference. As trailblazers of the sleep industry, we proudly bring the best in sleep, to your bedroom.

Sleep is not a luxury; it is one of the five basic human needs, the other four being oxygen, water, food, and shelter. You only need to experience a night or two of poor sleep to feel the impact on your body, mind and spirit. Whilst we may not be able to whisk away your “tsoris”, we can help give you the support you need for restorative sleep.

Whether you are stressed or have health problems, we’ve got your back. Poor sleep ages us, it weakens our immune system and makes us more susceptible to diseases like diabetes, thyroid problems, Alzheimer’s and obesity. Did you know that sleep contributes to your mental and emotional state too, as it keeps the brain’s wiring and connections healthy and working at their best? The way you feel while you’re awake depends in large part on what happens while you’re sleeping.

Many factors contribute to having a proper night’s sleep, including your state of mind, bedroom environment, mattress, pillow and an adjustable base.

Here are four questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you eating a heavy meal, drinking caffeine or alcohol 2-4 hours before going to bed, making it difficult to sleep and rise in the morning?
  2. Have you created a bedtime ritual to reduce the time you spend in front of screens, dimmed the lighting, and feel gratitude and a sense of sweetness from the day?
  3. Do you know that your body compresses during the day, so reclining and sleeping in an elevated position, on an adjustable sleep solution, accelerates rejuvenation? Opt for an adjustable sleep system for even greater benefits. Your body sleeps in an ergonomically correct position, pressure is distributed evenly reducing strain on the heart, circulatory system, back pain, and snoring.
  4. Is your mattress more than ten years old, and your pillow more than five years old, sagging, uncomfortable or unsupportive? Invest in a sleep solution that is supportive, comfortable and durable. Considering you spend around one-third of your life in bed asleep, it only makes sense that you would want your mattress to be the best quality.

Rejuvenating sleep is not just a nice-to-have, it’s vital for your overall health. Vencasa, The World Leaders in Sleep, and the only home to Tempur, Magniflex and now Malouf, knows that your body, mind, and soul need and deserve quality sleep. Every night.

Let tonight be different from all other nights. Celebrate your freedom from the bondage of poor sleep.

We wish you and your family a Happy and Health Passover.

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