What We Do?

GreenQueen Communications specialises in launching and implementing successful campaigns for consumer and lifestyle brands with a flair for entrepreneurship.

Public Relations is an essential tool in the marketing mix and is used to gain your target market’s trust and interest. Its aim is to create a positive public image and build brand awareness and recognition, for your product or service. Used effectively, your product will stand out from the crowd across many media platforms.

We actively seek opportunities for product placement in the media to secure as much positive publicity as possible. We strive to achieve maximum frequency and exposure. By communicating regularly with the media we attract and generate exceptional publicity opportunities – this is where the magic happens.

Services Include

check-mark-in-white-md Develop and implement public relations campaigns
check-mark-in-white-md Media list development and management
check-mark-in-white-md Develop and implement annual editorial calendar and PR plan
check-mark-in-white-md Write media releases
check-mark-in-white-md Distribute releases to key journalists
check-mark-in-white-md Secure and source editorial in print, online and broadcast
check-mark-in-white-md Ongoing targeted media engagement and liaison
check-mark-in-white-md Coordinate one-on-one meetings with journalists
check-mark-in-white-md Tactical planning and implementation
check-mark-in-white-md Product placement
check-mark-in-white-md Media monitoring
check-mark-in-white-md Reporting
check-mark-in-white-md Event facilitation and support
check-mark-in-white-md Source speaker opportunities
check-mark-in-white-md Teaser campaigns
check-mark-in-white-md Digital marketing support
check-mark-in-white-md Implement blogger driven campaigns
check-mark-in-white-md Assist with advertising planning and booking


An Effective PR Campaign

– Magnifies visibility to a wide audience –
– Builds and increases brand awareness –
– Achieves wide exposure and frequency –
– Improves name recognition –
– Creates a favourable public image and reputation –
– Interacts consistently with the media –
– Is credible and cost effective –
– Educates, informs, inspires and interacts with consumers across multiple media platforms –
– A trusted and credible source of product and information for journalists –
– Works harmoniously to enhance advertising campaigns –
– Actively seeks added value opportunities for brand interaction –
– Stretches the budget as there is minimal production and design costs –
– Promotes and showcases your brand –


Benefits of Outsourcing the PR function:

GreenQueen specialises in implementing consumer PR campaigns and has existing relationships with journalists

We actively seek added value marketing opportunities for you

Supplement your internal resources

Frees up capacity in your business

Access to experienced and focused experts who are organised, implementation-oriented, hands on and invested in the success of your business

Source media related information, promotional items and advertising

A trusted and credible source for journalists

By communicating regularly with the media we attract and generate exceptional publicity opportunities – this is where the magic happens