Have you every wondered how a bathroom is built?

There are many steps that are required to turn a shell into a finished bathroom. So too is a great deal of know-how, in-front of and behind-the-wall. Click here to watch a 40 second video of what it looks like when you disassemble a bathroom step by step. Have a look at the array of sophisticated technology behind the wall.

  • Behind the wall: Innovative, sophisticated and high-quality sanitary technology from Geberit has ensured trouble-free operation and a high quality of life for decades.
  • In front of the wall: Geberit offers ceramics, bathroom furniture, comprehensive fittings and design solutions for bathrooms of all sizes and comfort classes.


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He who builds responsibly, builds sustainably. That is why Geberit has always devoted itself to comprehensively sustainable products that meet the highest standards, thus providing innovative system solutions for sustainable building.

The globally operating Geberit Group is a European leader in the field of sanitary products. Geberit operates as an integrated group with a very strong local presence in most European countries, providing unique added value when it comes to sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics.

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