Looking for gifts that will truly improve the quality of your life? Anything that improves your sleep has a knock on affect of making the world a little safer and happier. With sleep impacting your health, mental and brain health, emotional health, physical health – it is an easy decision.

Here are some ideas from Vencasa-Tempur World Leaders in Sleep – who have a range of gifts from easy ones, to extravagant ones… Visit their showrooms, nationwide or website; www.vencasa.co.za  to see the full range.

Malouf Travel Pillow for R399
Relax naturally when you travel with a Malouf Travel Pillow, available only at Vencasa-Tempur Showrooms and Vencasa Pillowbars, featuring plush memory foam paired with a relaxing scent . Plush, pressure-easing Dough® memory foam is infused with the scent of chamomile or lavender for cosy, natural relaxation. This ergonomically-shaped pillow features Zoned Technology, which improves support, comfort and breathability. A beautiful and soft mesh cover adds the temperature- and moisture-regulating comfort of eco-friendly fabric. Great for road trips and plane rides.

The Malouf Lounge Pillow for R 999
The Malouf Lounge Pillow, available only at Vencasa-Tempur Showrooms and Vencasa Pillowbar, features a shredded foam interior, making it soft and supportive, designed to keep you comfortable while reading, eating and sitting upright in bed, or even on the couch. It’s overfilled shape supports the upper body, while the arms reduce shoulder strain.

Velfont Thermo-Regulator Sheet from R1299
Protect your mattress against liquids, dirt and dust, enhancing your comfort with the Velfont Thermo-Regulator Sheet, available only at Vencasa-Tempur Showrooms. The mattress protector is made from 100% Thermo-regulator cotton fabric and uses the most advanced technology developed by NASA with cotton fabric that provides a buffer from the variations in temperature and humidity that we experience over the course of the night. It absorbs, stores and releases the heat that our body emits, creating an individualised comfort zone. It provides a constant microclimate which is neither too cold nor too hot. Ideal for people who experience changes in temperature during the night. Plus, the 100% cotton Thermo-regulator mattress protector adapts to mattress lengths up to 200 cm and height up to 35 cm. Velfont mattress protectors safeguard the mattress practically and comfortably, as they adjust just like a fitted bed sheet.

Symphony Pillow Tempur from R 1 799
The Tempur Symphony Pillow, available at Vencasa-Tempur Showrooms and Vencasa Pillowbar, provides two pillows in one. One side allows the shoulder to fit below the pillow, making it comfortable when sleeping on your side, while the other is gently arched to support your head and neck when sleeping on your back.

Original Mattress Tempur from R 17 999
The TEMPUR material was originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressure experienced by astronauts during lift off. It is these pressure relieving qualities which provide the core benefits of TEMPUR Original Mattress, available at Vencasa and Tempur Showrooms, which provides outstanding comfort and support, with a firmer feel. The TEMPUR Original Mattress, is all about the core benefits that first got TEMPUR noticed around the world, namely outstanding comfort and support for the whole body. Perfect for those who prefer sleeping on a mattress with a firmer feel.

Tempurflex Adjustable from R 26 999
The TEMPUR® FLEX 2000 Adjustable Bed Base, available at Vencasa-Tempur Showrooms, is automated with two motors which can raise the head and foot, on their own or together, at varying heights. The base consists of flexible plates made with an open honeycomb structure for better ventilation. The specially developed airlift system, along with the honeycomb structure, ensures optimum ventilation between the bed base and the mattress. The adjustable system is powered by two strong motors for variable adjustment of the back and leg area.

Vencasa, World Leaders in Sleep, know that your body, mind and soul deserve quality sleep, and provide a range of exceptional sleep solutions to ensure it.
Visit www.vencasa.co.za or call 0861 60 60 60 for more information, to shop, or for your nearest showroom.

About Vencasa, World Leaders in Sleep, know that your body, mind and soul deserve quality sleep, and provide a range of exceptional sleep solutions to ensure it. Vencasa was born from the legendary and reputable long-standing Pharmaline umbrella. Medically informed, scientifically sound and aesthetically magnificent, Vencasa brings the ultimate sleep solutions to the market. Providing premium, high quality products with a range of pricing for each person’s individual sleep requirements. Vencasa is proud to be the official and exclusive distributor of Tempur products, and world-famous brands such as Magniflex, Velfont, Reed Family Linen and their own Vencasa Signature Collection. Their value proposition is to provide the greatest sleep products at a practical price. 

Visit www.vencasa.co.za or call 0861 60 60 60 for more information or for your nearest stockist.