Pandora Jewellery Celebrates Friendship

Do Celebrate Friendships ! Friday the 30th of June is International Friendship Day and the perfect opportunity to embrace friendships. True friendship lights up life in many wonderful ways. Celebrate [...]

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Pandora Jewellery for Bridesmaids

PANDORA’s exquisite universe of hand-finished, heartfelt jewellery makes popping the question more meaningful than ever before. There is only one thing almost as exciting as getting engaged: asking your best [...]

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Get what you wish for this Christmas – a little Pandora Box

Look to the stars this festive season, as PANDORA reveals a new collection of jewelry imbued with the wonder of the night sky. Jewelry's also having a precious moment with traditional gemstone hues [...]

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Pandora’s magical new Disney collection

On behalf of PANDORA, we proudly present the launch of the PANDORA Disney Jewelry Collection. The hand-finished jewelry inspired by the Iconic Disney Characters bring this world of magic to [...]

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Get it while you can at Pandora!

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to 'Get It While You Can'. Spend R1799 at Pandora and receive a limited edition sterling silver bangle free. This offer is avialable from [...]

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Pandora: DoSeeTheWonderful

‘DO See The Wonderful’, is a multifaceted campaign set to inspire women to see the wonderful in their everyday. To bring this concept to life, PANDORA reveals the results of its partnership with [...]

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Pandora: New Collection

Opposites Attract - A fusion of metallic hues – from the warming yellow of 14k gold and the cool sheen of silver to the vintage femininity of PANDORA Rose – [...]

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Pandora: Colour Bloom

Our highly experienced, highly prized craftspeople apply their skills and incredible attention to detail to each design. They use high quality materials that are ethically sourced and with centuries-old jewellery [...]

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Pandora: Colourful Florals

Springtime is all about positive energy. So step out in colour, go for your favourite florals, and choose high quality jewellery made with stunning materials by talented craftspeople. Choose bright [...]

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Pandora Jewellery for Graduation

Jewellery is worth a thousand words. Or in this case, one: Congratulations! She’s read all the books, sat the exam, had her results and now it’s time to finally celebrate [...]

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