Spruce Up Your Spring Routine with CHUX®

Spring is the time for fresh new beginnings and, of course, a fresh and clean home! CHUX® makes Spring cleaning simple, and quicker, so that you have more time to spend enjoying the new season your way.

Here are a few cleaning hacks brought to you by CHUX®:

In the kitchen:
• Don’t struggle to get into those hard to reach places like under the fridge, corners of the windows and
between your cupboards. Wrap a CHUX® Superwipe Cloth around a butter knife and get right into the nooks
and crannies that gather dust and grime.
• To give the microwave a thorough cleaning, dampen a CHUX® Magic Eraser block to remove the grease and
grime without having to use any chemicals or elbow grease! Wipe it down with a CHUX® Absorbent Cloth for
a streak-free finish.

Around the home:
• Clean off unsightly marks from walls, skirting boards and light switches. Simply dampen a CHUX® Magic
Eraser with water and rub the marks off gently, with ease.
• To make the floors sparkle all around the house, wrap a broom with a dampened CHUX® Superwipe and mop the
floors. The cloth can be easily rinsed and used over and over again!

Chux® helps makes the big chores smaller. Chux® offers an extensive range of quality cleaning accessories to help you tackle any cleaning challenge around your home.

Regardless of your preferred cleaning routine, no matter the mess … there’s a Chux® for whatever life Chux® at you. #ChuxSouthAfrica #LikeItNeverHappened #forwhateverlifechuxatyou

For more information on Chux® visit www.chux.co.za or www.facebook.com/ChuxSA/. Chux® can be found at selected Spar, Pick n Pay Family and OK Foods stores nationwide.