Have you ever walked into your home at night, arms full, in the dark and wished for your home to magically help? Now it can, with a simple voice command such as “Alexa, turn on Welcome” – and the instantly the entrance lights come on, relaxing music begins to play, all while the door locks itself behind you…

Welcome to Homemation’s world of home automation, leading distributors of Control4 with Amazon Alexa.

The possibilities are endless… with a few simple voice commands you can:
• Arm and disarm the alarm
• Unlock the front door
• Open and close the blinds
• Adjust the room temperature, in any room
• Turn on, off or dim the lights
• Play or stream music
• Turn on the TV
• Set the scene for watching a movie
• Pre-programme personalised and uniquely crafted home scenes, where your voice command ‘Dining’
automatically dims select lights and begins to play a specific playlist and ‘Bedtime’ sets into
motion shutting off lights, closing blinds, locking the door, and putting on the alarm

A particularly unique aspect of Control4 and Amazon Alexa is the coordination of all connected devices in your home for a truly customised homeowner experience to maximise your comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind.

There are many smart products available today, however, only when these devices work together do you experience the magic of a smart home. Control4 delivers power and performance in one platform that coordinates the technology in your home into complete, brilliant experiences—interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for you to enjoy. With support for nearly 10,000 consumer devices, Control4 can create immersive, whole-home experiences, tailor-made to exactly how you live.

Control your home easily from anywhere!

Homemation is the exclusive specialist South African suppliers of premium branded home automation, audiovisual and home theatre products. The brands in their stable offer some of the most advanced and sought-after AV and home automation technologies in the world.

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