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Looking for a new front door handle? These make an impressive statement. Whether you want an intricate vintage-look or a bold, sleek and modern style these will definitely put a smile on your face every time you open the door.

Available from Handles Inc.

With Handles Inc you can easily create a slick designer pad, quirky villa feel, a bathroom haven or a cutting-edge office environment with their quality handles and bathroom accessories. Architects and interior designers know that it’s details like these that make a space truly unique and exceptional. With a collection of over 9000 items to inspire you, Handles Inc has specialist designer pieces personally selected from top global manufacturers. With these exclusive ranges and a design-savvy team on hand to assist, Handles Inc will help you make your home or office a space that reflects your individuality – and a dream to live or work in. For your local stockist visit www.handlesinc.co.za or call 021-422 2322.

*Photograph by Grant Hoffmann