It’s time to make new memories on Read in the Bathtub Day! Grab your favorite book and get ready for a relaxing soak on the 9th February.

History of Read in the Bathtub Day

It is easy to imagine the first person to read in the bathtub to be some noble reading off scrolls in a tiny tub as they tried to figure out how to rule their realm. Possible, but perhaps that joy came later when tubs, indoor plumbing, and lighting made the task a joy rather than a chore? It is not difficult to image that as books and comfort became handier, that this pastime became a favorite from the top of society to the bottom!

What will you read while you are soaking in spa-like luxury? For Read in the Bathtub Day treat yourself and do not take anything work or career related with you. No self-improvement or career development treatise, it is time for you to read for enjoyment! Pick up that novel you saw on the newsstand or download the latest thriller sure to chill you. Or why not one of the classics? There are so many options for you to choose from!

Just remember to spoil yourself with a non-work related book, some nice bubble bath and enjoy Read in the Bathtub Day in style!

Thanks to Days of the Year for the info.