KOHLER®, one of the world’s largest bathroom specialists, seamlessly fuses innovation and technology with their latest Mica Vessel range which is slim, sleek, and ultra-contemporary. Deemed as an absolute showstopper, the Kohler Mica Round or Square Vessel has the thinnest edge Kohler has ever produced in a basin. The elegant Mica Vessels emphasise Kohler’s refined sense of innovation and embodies true minimalism, becoming a quintessential centrepiece of modern and contemporary style. This piece draws its popularity thanks to its durability, made of Supramic® material for a longer lifespan and which is 1.5 times harder than standard basins, plus the DFI stain-resistant surface coating makes it easier to clean.

Mical Round

The Kohler Mica Vessel Features:

  • Kohler’s thinnest edge in design, at only 6mm, demonstrating true innovation in bathroom product development.
  • Crafted with Supramic® material for durability and extended lifespan.
  • Sealed with an invisible patented DFI coating for stain resistance, and effortless cleaning.
  • Available in two shapes:
    • Round with a diameter of 410 mm
    • Square with a diameter of 393 mm

Designs specifically created for leading edge contemporary bathrooms. “Mica embodies minimalism in design – obsessive reduction and refinement, absolute attention to detail to achieve a delicate precision with the fine edge and feel of bone china. This demanded innovation in materials, manufacturing and design. The result: a ceramic that is not just thin but also 1.5 times harder than normal.  Mica is beautifully simple – which like all great minimalist design makes it timeless and universal” shares Mark Bickerstaffe, Director New Product Development – Kohler EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

Since 1873, Kohler has been leading the way in style, innovation and providing exceptional products and services. Kohler has firmly established itself as a global leader in bathroom and kitchen products – providing total design solutions that strike a perfect balance between form and function.

For more information visit www.africa.kohler.com/highlights or email us contact.africa@kohler.com or call on 011-050 9000.