Turntables are an increasingly popular trend – and come in a variety of modern to retro styles. If you’re looking for THORENS, they are available exclusively through Homemation distributors.

Founded in 1883 in St. Croix, Switzerland, THORENS is the oldest consumer electronics manufacturer in the world. Their mission is to have the highest standards in precision and design. Renowned for the range of turntables they produce

Traditional Values reinterpreted – paying homage to the legendary models of the sixties and seventies, THORENS® has reinterpreted the sub-chassis turntable with state-of-the-art, ground-up development using the latest materials. Highest fidelity and dynamics were their main priorities during the development of the new turntable series. However, they also placed great importance on user-friendliness, timeless aesthetics as well as flexible configuration and upgrade options while retaining the traditional sub-chassis design.

THORENS® revives an old idea and introduces a new series of suspended sub-chassis turntables. From the foundation of a rich heritage, THORENS® take a huge step toward the future by re-thinking a complex design: the suspended sub-chassis turntable. The launch comprises three new models. TD 903, TD 905 and TD 907, all of which share the three-spring sub-chassis design that is so highly regarded among vinyl lovers. The new models are a deliberate reminiscence of legendary models such as the TD 150 and TD 160, top-selling turntables in their day.

The THORENS® engineers painstakingly fine-tuned each of the three sub-chassis designs. Carefully applied weights allow the three springs to be distributed evenly, with the same tension for each spring, thus ensuring true pistonic movement of the sub-chassis. This efficiently isolates the turntable from all sources of external vibrations.

These turntables are stylish and look as good as the sounds they produce!

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