Announcement: Definitive Technology – Superior Speakers and Soundbars have arrived in South Africa – explore sound that endures!

Definitive Technology is a world-class leader in sound, based in Maryland, USA where some of the best audio engineers and sound technicians in the country create innovation that never rests. It is where they create the audio’s future, with total focus—a place where new ideas have a home and a platform to continue perfecting our definition of precision sound.

The story begins with an audiophile legend, who decided that the home cinema experience demanded a high-end speaker that captured a million-dollar unmatched sound, engineered to revolutionise the entire audio landscape. This obsession for entertainment and precision sound is what allowed him to surround himself with other like-minded individuals — engineers, designers, and classically trained musicians — who also were compelled to create speakers fashioned for detailed, full-range audio. As a result of these combined efforts running parallel with the digital audio revolution of the early 1990s, Definitive Technology was born and quickly rose to prominence as the number one premium speaker brand in the USA.

From concept to creation, the finished product is a confluence of intellect, resourcefulness and real obsession. This healthy obsession with sound requires a high level of intelligence to create forms that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to ear. Every detail serves a higher purpose of sophistication and precision.

• Bipolar – Huge, Lifelike Soundstage
o Key drivers positioned on the front and rear panels of the loudspeaker radiate sound in two directions, maximising the soundstage while maintaining a precise centre image so the sweet spot is wherever you are listening.
• Tripolar – Huge Soundstage from a Small Size
o Key drivers placed on the front and side panels of the loudspeaker radiate sound in three directions for a wider soundstage and more lifelike listening experience.
• Integrated Powered Sub – Deep Bass for True Full-Range Sound
o Integrated powered subwoofers provide deep bass and explosive detail that perfectly blends with the speaker’s midrange and high frequencies for spectacular sound quality without the need to add a separate subwoofer in the room.
• Balanced Double Surround System – More Precise Sound at All Volumes
o Inner and outer rubber surrounds for greater excursion and lower distortion from the entire driver cone.
• Intelligent Bass Control – Smoother Blending from Low to Mid-Range
o A patent pending digital signal processor (DSP) that lets you modulate deep bass up or down in level without sacrificing exceptionally clean mid-range tonal balance.
• Pure Aluminium – Produces Pure, Accurate Sound
o A highly versatile metal we engineer into many of our products that is revered for its light weight, electrical conductivity and resistance to any type of corrosion.
• Range Includes:
o Home Audio
o Architectural Audio
o Sound Bars
o Outdoor
o Headphones

Next-gen audio integration supported by cutting-edge research and implementation. Advanced speaker materials refined to perfection. A look that inspires every time you listen.

In the end, bringing Definitive Technology into your home is the intelligent choice. State-of-the-art sound!

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