Handles Inc, with its close relationships with global leaders, has their finger on the pulse when it comes to upcoming trends… and decor made from unusual materials is one of them. In this case, a handle, made from cement…

Handles Inc, the exclusive supplier of Mandelli handles in South Africa, presents the latest model from the world renowned Italian manufacturers – the Mandelli Juno range, made from a unique material: cement.

These Mandelli handles, are hard and soft at the same time, almost velvety to the touch. The colours are inspired by nuanced earth shades and the style is contemporary with clean lines that reflect and enhance the original choice of the material itself, which is undoubtedly the key feature of this piece of design. The slimness of the rose that connects to the door, the only structural element open to view, makes for a stylish detail. In technical terms, the handle is made in cement reinforced by a steel core that gives solidity to an ad hoc design.

Get yours at Handles Inc. Priced from R 5 400 per pair, including VAT.

For your closest branch, visit www.handlesinc.co.za or call 021-422 2322.