As GreenQueen celebrates its 14th birthday this month, I’m excited to connect with you to foster strong relationships. After all, public relations is really people relations. While our businesses may face different challenges, we share a common goal – to survive and thrive.

Having an expert in your corner to manage virtual relationship building is vital and becoming more essential. Remote working will likely be our reality for the foreseeable future. With it, comes a wealth of opportunities. The innovations in this space are fascinating as are the successes of the businesses who embrace the changes they bring. In this landscape, building a brand presence is more critical than ever.

The elephant in the virtual room

Targeting the right media for your brand comes with insight, experience, and expertise. As digital media continues its rise, many print publications have sadly become the casualties of a devastated economy and of course, Covid-19. Let’s address the elephant in the virtual room: is print really dead or is just too expensive? In truth, money talks. Big publications are syndicated. The Rand-Dollar exchange rate has increased the licensing fees making it financially unviable to operate overseas syndicated magazines. Eternally optimistic though, in their wake comes a myriad of exciting platforms on which to share your brand’s unique offerings, plus several new local print mags on the horizon.

Changing face of PR

As our world changes, so too does the face of PR. Yet the foundation on which the industry is built remains the same. At the heart of PR is relationship building, whether it be face-to-face or virtual.

Making meaningful connections in this ever-changing environment is key to success. Earned media or editorial has gravitas. As the adage goes ‘Advertising Sells. PR Tells’. And repetition is key to recall. You know that PR serves to build your brand and let the world know what you have to offer. It starts with truly partnering with your PR agency. The deeper the collaboration, the greater the outcome. From here, establishing a positive relationship with the media and journalists happens naturally.

I firmly believe; “PR generates publicity opportunities … and that’s where the magic happens…”

New pricing model

I am genuinely invested in the success of your business and have created a new pricing model which attests to that.

With the economy in crisis, GreenQueen understands the need to adapt. Through our new fee structure, we share the risk and you have the added advantage of flexibility and greater control to account for ever-changing budgets.

Imagine this: you only pay for successful editorial, plus the hard costs or setup costs! Our model consists of a:

  • Set-up fee: includes hard costs like media lists, writing, preparing, and sending press releases and a month of media monitoring.
  • Success fee: you pay only for successful earned publicity (editorial) from a media list that you approve first.
  • Any additional projects or third-party costs are quoted separately.

A retainer is still optional if preferred.

See GreenQueen as your Chief Cheerleader, forging partnerships with media; hunting for opportunities; and all the while, genuinely cheering, supporting, and  being committed to the success of your business. ; +27 84 876 5431