Families celebrating Mother’s Day will be happy to know that GLAD can lend a helping hand in the kitchen. Get more from your Mom’s Day meal with these handy hints!

  • For easy-peel garlic, slice off the flat end of the bulb, exposing all the cloves, cover with GLAD Wrap and microwave on high for one minute. When cool, remove the wrap and squeeze!
  • For a no fuss, no mess way to crumb meat, chicken or fish, place in large GLAD Zip Seal Bag with breadcrumbs and shake!
  • When roasting vegetables or cooking chips, line the tray with GLAD Bake and Cooking Paper for a non-stick result and hassle-free cleaning.
  • For dessert, line dessert moulds with GLAD Bake and Cooking Paper or GLAD Wrap to prevent cake or dessert from sticking.
  • Make chocolate dipped strawberries and refrigerate on a plate or tray lined with GLAD Bake and Cooking Paper so they won’t stick.


Glad wishes all Moms a spectacular Mother’s Day!

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