Furniturespot’s Best for Baby’s Room

Furniturespot offers a wide range of furniture and made-to-order options, even for your baby’s room. If you are shopping around for the perfect baby cot for the nursery, Furniturespot will make your journey a lot easier.

Their Stijl Baby Cot is an example of a central item, around which, the rest of the room design can be created. This is a modern convertible cot that can be used in the baby’s room, from new born to age 5. Often the transition from a baby cot to a toddler bed can be difficult for children, as they tend to become attached to their familiar sleeping environment. Children can move up to the next size bed without having to say goodbye to their first crib.

Convertible cots tend to come in classic designs that will stand the test of time and can be easily matched to various décor schemes. The cots are made to last as they are made from MDF wood and you can choose your own wood stain.

Another piece designed for your baby’s room is the Morgan six drawer compactum. This modern design is perfect for every baby room and fits well with all décor styles. The Morgan has a lot of storage space and comes in a wide variety of colours and wood textures.

Made-to-order furniture with a simple online process – just for you.

For more information visit, call 011-486 6006 and find them on social media.

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About Furniturespot
Furniturespot is a new and exciting concept that is setting the trend in South Africa. They offer made-to-order furniture, inspired, designed, sourced and manufactured by local talent, at an affordable price. The Furniturespot model is designed to respond intuitively to South Africa’s design needs and demands, coupled with reputable manufacturers and locally sourced materials together with a fair price. The online platform, launched in 2017, is where South Africans can create exactly the pieces they envisage – custom-made to their specifications. Furniturespot firmly believes that ‘local is lekker’ and have partnered with Designers and Manufacturers, true craftsmen, who are reputable, reliable and offer first class quality. Being tech-focused, they regularly launch new products, based on global and more importantly, local trends and needs. Let your imagination run wild, instead of being bound by the limits of showrooms. Furniturespot enables you to specify what you want and then, they make sure you get it.

Furniturespot – made just for you. Every ingredient to this spot-on formula, is local. Follow them to keep abreast of their latest designs and creations. For more information visit, call 011-486 6006 and find them on social media.