Handles create that finishing touch to cabinets and lend themselves to the style of the room. Before choosing handles, always take into consideration:

  1. Excellent Quality
  2. High Durability
  3. Distinguished Style
  4. An Even Finish
  5. With a Guarantee

If you’re looking for a sleek, streamlined and modern look, consider these flush pull handles from Italian designer, Besana, which are exclusive to Handles Inc. They are flush with the drawer or cabinet which means there is no protruding handle surface. Flush pull handles are growing in popularity in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms especially in these two metallic finishes (attached); chrome and anthracite. They create a smooth flow along the line of your cabinet doors or drawers.

With Handles Inc you can easily create a slick designer pad, quirky villa feel, a bathroom haven or a cutting-edge office environment with their quality handles and bathroom accessories. Architects and interior designers know that it’s details like these that make a space truly unique and exceptional. With a collection of over 9000 items to inspire you, Handles Inc has specialist designer pieces personally selected from top global manufacturers. With these exclusive ranges and a design-savvy team on hand to assist, Handles Inc will help you make your home or office a space that reflects your individuality – and a dream to live or work in. For your local stockist visit www.handlesinc.co.za or call 021-422 2322.