Here at GreenQueen Communications, we believe in keeping it real and one of our pet peeves is unnecessary ‘boardroom table’ jargon.


So what is jargon? According to the dictionary, jargon is special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand. Jargon is similar to slang. In our experience, the excessive use of jargon is exclusive instead of inclusive and serves little purpose. Corporate jargon is the sophisticated equivalent of slang! Rather keep it simple, eloquent and relatable.


Here are some examples of widely used jargon:

  • ‘Unpack’ – which according to the dictionary means to ‘open and remove the contents of’ a suitcase, bag, or package. Used in a typical work setting, you will here, “Let me unpack the PR plan for you”. What GreenQueen would say instead, “Let me break the PR plan down into sections so that we can go through each one in detail”.
  • ‘Listening’ – a fairly new buzzword that means ‘give one’s attention to’. Clients often ask if we are “listening”, and by this they mean, “do you monitor the media and social media for specific keywords or phrases”.


There is a place for jargon, particularly for internal communication, as it can allude to a more complex explanation and would form part of the company’s induction process, to learn the specific language of a business.


However, be cognisant that not everyone understands the same jargon, it can be intimidating and an obstacle to efficient communication, instead of an all-encompassing tool.


In conclusion, we look forward to ‘listening’ out for your comments and feedback. Please send us your pet peeve jargon-ese, for us to ‘unpack’!