All the way from Australia, CHUX® is the new name in household cleaning utensils!


New to South Africa, a leading global brand called CHUX® is finally on our shelves! With an extensive range of cleaning utensils, CHUX® will help tackle any cleaning challenge around your home. One of their most popular products is CHUX® Original Superwipes.

These versatile cloths really live up to their name! Apart from being super absorbent, CHUX® Original Superwipes are great for washing dishes, cleaning kitchen appliances, windows, and can be used around the bathroom, laundry and even on your car.

They are made from a specially designed open weave cloth. The double action holes easily pick up dirt and food particles and allow for the cloth to be hygienically rinsed for use over and over again. The best part is, they can be washed in the washing machine!

CHUX® Original Superwipes are available in a range of colours so that you can have a different colour for each area around your home.Chux - Logo - 2016 HR Chux - Superwipes 10pk LR