Springtime is all about positive energy. So step out in colour, go for your favourite florals, and choose high quality jewellery made with stunning materials by talented craftspeople. Choose bright bursts or pearlescent pastels, and whether you stack, twist, mix or style solo, be inspired by our selection of key pieces. Create your own truly unique item and put your stamp on the season.

All Radiant Droplet charms are made from high-quality, ethically sourced materials by talented craftspeople with a passion for perfection. Each charm is crafted with integrity, combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest innovations. Three vibrant rose-cut stones are set in a solid sterling silver frame using one of the oldest techniques: the bezel setting. The metal wraps around each stone, holding it in place around the sides with a tiny edge along the top. Sterling silver is used, which has a low environmental impact on Mother Earth. The charms’ colourful crystals and cubic zirconia stones are developed in a laboratory, recreating what nature has been creating for millions of years without depleting natural resources. The charms can be mixed and matched for personal expression, to capture a feeling or finish off a signature look.


Craftsmanship with colour