GreenQueen Communications is a Public Relations company which specialises in getting your products valuable space in the media (magazines, online, TV)  through editorial and competitions . This results in your consumer interacting directly with your brand – connect you to your consumer.

GreenQueen offers relationship-centric Public Relations, which essentially seeks opportunities in the media to flaunt your products or services. This in turn begins or deepens your relationship with your audience, builds brand awareness and credibility.

We thrive on getting you visibility and maximum exposure in the media, at an affordable rate. GreenQueen specialises in consumer products and services. We work with businesses of all sizes and aim to partner with them and grow together. The process is handled with professionalism  and skill matched with enthusiasm and passion.

PR helps boost your public image and is used to get your audience’s attention. An effective PR campaign builds strong visibility and improves name recognition – ultimately converting into sales in the long-term. Everything you do in marketing is cumulative. The frequency is as important as the quality. The objective is always to interact with your audience.

Founded by Jodi Lynn Karpes in 2007, BBA (Unisa) LTCL (Trinity). With almost 20 years in Communications and over 10 years in PR our focus is specifically on editorial and competitions in the media.

Experience or Brand Interaction is the greatest marketing tool!

Jodi Essentials July 2013

Jodi in Essentials Magazine July 2013

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